Weekly News

I summarized the news about Bible studies (Old Testament, Intertestamental period, New Testament) in the second week of April. I will be dealing with a number of items in the future, and each issue can be influenced by the interests of the author. The news may differ from the Korean blog.


▣ Special News
◎ On the Passion week, DTS released a discourse titled “Understanding the Passion Week.”

◎ An article about finding answers to the question “Who killed Jesus?” Was published on Zondervan’s blog.
Who Killed Jesus? The Historical Context of Jesus’ Crucifixion


▣ New Books
◎ Yoram Hazony’s <God and Politics in Esther> has been translated in South Korea. The author wrote <The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture>. Translator is Professor Koowon Kim, and publisher is Hongsungsa.

◎ Professor Youngsam Chae (Baek Seok Univ.) published <Theology of the Catholic Epistles: The Church facing the World, its Crises and Strategies>. It is not easy to find works of domestic scholars about Catholic Epistles, andI hope that it will be very helpful for Korean Christian and theological studies.


▣ Book Introduction
◎ Professor Larry Hurtado wrote an article on his blog entitled “Early Christian Gospels: Their Production and Transmission”. More information on this book is available from the author, Scott D. Charlesworth, at Academia.

Introduction of Hurtado

PDF by Charlesworth


▣ Book Review
◎ A translation of Pascal Fischer’s review of “Vom Jesus der Geschichte zum Christus des Dogmas” (Gesz Vermes) is available on the Science-infuse blog.


▣ Free course
You can take a lesson from Dr. Mark Bailey’s <The gospel of John> online for free.


Written by Jeremias Lee


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