Weekly News

I summarized the news about Bible studies (Old Testament, Intertestamental period, New Testament) in the third week of April. I will be dealing with a number of items in the future, and each issue can be influenced by the interests of the author. The news may differ from the Korean blog.


▣ Special News

◎ It is news that New Testment papyrus was discovered. For more news, read the blog post by Brice C. Jones.
-> http://www.bricecjones.com/blog/two-new-greek-new-testament-papyri-from-oxyrhynchus


▣ New Books

◎ A book called <Jesus: A very brief history> has been published. Author Helen Bond is a professor at the University of Edinburgh and a director of Centre for the Study of Christian Origins.

◎ A book <Reading Jesus’ Bible: How the New Testament Helps Us Understand the Old Testament> has been published. John Goldingay is an Old Testament professor at Fuller Theological Seminary.


▣ Book Recommendation

◎ Kyu-Seop Kim, an expert in Paul theology and an expert on Christian theology, has recommended books that help us understand the background of the New Testament.


▣ Learning Method

◎ Andrew Byers, an instructor at Durham University, has published an article called “How to use secondary literature in NT research.” If you are interested in studying New Testament research methology, please read it.


▣ Research Methodology

◎ I will introduce you to books that will help you understand Textual Criticism. As far as I know, Professor Hyun-woo Shin’s book is the easiest and best explained in Korea. However, it is humbled that it is all out of print. Still, books based on doctoral dissertations can be purchased from Amazon.
Textual Criticism and the Synoptic Problem in Historical Jesus Research: The Search for Valid Criteria (Contributions to Biblical Exegesis & Theology)

-> https://www.amazon.com/dp/904291470X/


Written by Jeremias Lee


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